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The National Park Monti Sibillini is founded in 1993 and contains around 70 hectare of beautiful nature which contains forests, mountains , lakes and plateaus. This is an area full of castles, beautiful views and legends, ready to be discovered.


This lake is located around 15 minutes far from our house. People here enjoy to have a walk, to pic-nic, to fish and doing kajak on its banks. Every Sunday from 08:00 am until 20:00 pm there is a local market.


This lake is located around 30 minutes far from our house. This wide lake is highly appreciated by locals and tourists, because here you can swim doing aquatic sports, mountain biking, nordic walking and rent canoes etc.


The “Lame Rosse” (Red Blades) are stratified rock made of red clay. Their particular shape is due to the wind erosion. These red blades are located in the municipality of Fiastra but can be easily accesssible from Villa di Montalto. The road that brings to the Petrella cliff brings to the path of Lame Rosse and Fiastra lake.


Around 1000 A.C Monks built here a monastery. Later on, in the year 1944 of the second world war, partisans used this place to hide here to protect themselves from the nazis.


It is a didactic itinerary through woods and Petrella cliff, that shows how the charcoal was realised, used and transported (on mules) in the past by locals. It reaches the peak of 800 m and then goes down to Villa di Montalto (the departing point).


The area in which our country house is located is part of the municipality of Cessapalombo. The village is composed of many small districts. It’s located 6 km far from our country house. The name “Cessapalombo” means “wood of Palumbo” ,a citizen who lived here in the middle age. Still nowadays, its citizens are attached to their rural territory and they produce saffran, a particular type of olive oil”Coroncina”. Two festivals concerning local food and works of the past are here organised : “The mushroom festival”and “Ancient Tastes and Richness of the Woods.


This fascinating medieval village is located around the Sibillini at 14 km from our country house. Many interesting monuments and museums are also located here. and earned the label of one of the most beautiful italian villages. Here you can find several ways of entertainment : deltaplane, mountain bikes circuits, skiing in winter and relax in the “Terme of Sarnano”.


This village located around the Sibillini chains at 690 above sea level is 7 km far from our country house. Thanks to its geographical position, it is also called “the Balcony of the Sibillini”and also earned the label of one of the most beautiful italian villages. In summer many historical and art festivals are organized in this town. Unfortunately this village is heavily damaged by the recent earthquakes.


This is the biggest village of the area (20.372 inhabitants), only 15 km from our country house. Its historical center is very beautiful and offers many artistic sites to visit (palaces “Palazzo Parisani Bezzi”, museums, castle, churches with wonderful frescos “Cappellone di S. Nicola” and so on). The main festivals organised here are: “Biennale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte"( a unique (humoristic festival in Europe), and “Tolentino 815”(historical event referred to Napoleonian’s time).


This village is located 9km far from our country house on an hill at 340 m above level sea and has 1900 inhabitants. This charming village (unfortunately damaged by the earthquake) hosts in the central church the “Polittico of the painter G.Boccati” an ancient and particularly remarkable work of art. This village is focused on the respect of nature and art. In fact, there is a centre of environmental education opened to all public through the model of an Ecologic House. A contemporary art museum is also located here.


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